Domenico Mottola



“Very young talent with great stage security and considerable executive maturity” (Supereva 2010)

Domenico Savio Mottola was born in Gragnano in 1993. He began to play the guitar in 2004 with M° Fabio Mastroianni and from 2006 with M° Marco Caiazza.

In 2012 he was admitted to the “San Pietro a Majella” Conservatory of Naples where, in 2015, he graduated in the class of M° Vincenzo Amabile receiving an Honours Bachelor’s Degree and special mention.

Currently he is studying with M° Frédéric Zigante at the “Vivaldi” Conservatory of Alessandria to earn his Master’s degree.

From October 2015, he has been perfecting with M° Paolo Pegoraro and M° Adriano del Sal at the Segovia Guitar Academy in Pordenone.

Since 2009, he has been performing concerts as a soloist and playing chamber music in Italy and abroad.

He has been invited to important musical festivals. He took part in masterclasses with international artists including Aniello Desiderio, Leo Brouwer, Marcin Dylla, Frederic Zigante, Lorenzo Micheli, Manuel Barrueco.

In 2017 he won important prizes: the first prize at the “National Art Prize”, established by MIUR: “The National Art Prize is a competition that involves all the Italian Conservatories and Academies, which select their best student for every instrumental and artistic specialty. A jury formed by internationally artists goes on to identify the best candidate for each specialty”; the first prize in the International Guitar Competition “Niccolò Paganini” in Parma and the first prize in the International Guitar Competition in Mottola (TA), which will enable him to make his debut record.

Some of the other awards include: the first prize in the National Guitar Competition “Giulio Rospigliosi” in 2013, the third prize (2014) and the second prize (2015) in the International Mottola Guitar Competition, the first prize in the Andrés Segovia International Guitar Competition (Pescara) in 2014 and the Second International Guitar Competition “Andrés Segovia” (Linares) in 2015, the third place in the competition dedicated to “Claudio Abbado”in Lucca in 2015 and the second place in the “Paris Guitar Foundation” International Guitar Competition in 2016. He has been a jury member in many competitions and has taught masterclasses at guitar festivals.